Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Post Valentine's Day bliss and 14 things about another love of my life.

I am loving the day after Valentine's Day. I am still caught up in all the love. I loved being able to hug everyone as I wished them Happy Valentine's Day today. I loved the big smiles. It was fantastic to see love in action as others were caught up in the day as well. It has faded for some, but not for me.

Today I have chosen to blog about the love of my life named Josiah.

14. I love that Josiah can quote portions of movies. It fascinates me how he can quote verbatim parts of Cars, Lion King, The Incredibles, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., etc...

13. I love Josiah's never ending questions. My son will not give up with the questions and he wants answers. He has so many burning questions and I hope that his curiosity is never quenched.

12. I love Josiah's imagination. He has so many vivid, wild dreams and is a story teller like no other.

11. I love Josiah for his delight in the simple things. Keepin' this one simple. ;)

10. I love Josiah for his love of his friends. He is so genuine with his friends through thick and thin-- whatever thick or thin an 8-year-old can get into anyway. 

9. I love Josiah for how hard he is working at school, therapy, and Learning Rx. This child is being pushed so hard and he is showing us all that he CAN do it and he IS just doing it!! Love to see how much progress he has made and cannot wait to see what the next couple of months bring.

8. I love Josiah for his love of music. His taste is so rich for a child. He has introduced me to some amazing music. I love how he rocks to the music, swaying back and forth and I love to see him dance to the music-- just totally into it.

7. I love Josiah for not giving up. There are times that he requires more prompting but he is out to prove a point when he gets an idea in his head.

6. I love Josiah for his love of children. He absolutely adores babies. It is so fun to watch him play with children smaller than he is. The way that Josiah engages a younger child is pure love and absolutely beautiful to watch.

5. I love Josiah for his sensitivity. I will say that as a result of his sensitivity, there are times, as his mother, I bleed when I see his hurt feelings. However, I do love the gift that he has of being able to see others hurting  and try to help or just simply show love.

4. I love Josiah for being a boy. I love how he wants to take things apart to try and figure out how they work. I love how he plays a little rough. I love how he thinks its funny to play little pranks and tricks on us.
I love that he loves to play outside and run around. I love that he cannot stand to be quiet when he is hiding while we play Hide-and-Seek.

3. I love Josiah's hugs and the occasional rare kisses he bestows. I love that he makes an effort to know when I am leaving to go to work and hug me good-bye.

2. I love Josiah for not being afraid to be himself. I love that he does not apologize for his opinions. I love that he stands true to his word. I love that when he believes something, he does not waiver.

1. I love Josiah for everything he brings into my life. I certainly would not be the person I am today without my Josiah.

Thanks Josiah, thanks for all you do for me without even knowing it. I love you!!


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