Friday, February 4, 2011

A Friday Night at the Narunsky House... Party, party, party!!

Had the honor of hosting an early Valentine's Day party tonight. The kids and I invited some good friends to come play and have a party themed for Valentine's Day. I had fun watching the kids play and interact and found myself playing with them too. At the party the kids had blast decorating their own cupcakes. The cupcakes didn't come out of the pan well but the kids did not care as much as I did. They seemed more excited to frost, decorate, and eat their cupcakes rather than looking at the bottom or sides to see that they had the perfectly molded cake. Much fun was had by all making our own valentine cards. The kids made each other foam valentine cards from foam kit-- great fun and no mess ;) I enjoyed the usual chatting while watching the kids play. For me, there is nothing like having a houseful of kids and listening to the laughter, giggles, squeals of joy, and screams of glee while they play. I would be lying to say that we did not have a couple of not so lovely moments but when getting nine children together that is an expectation. I absolutely loved spending time with friends and loved having a houseful of kids jumping and running and giggling and playing. Yay!! for a party that we could share ideas of how to love with our kiddos.


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