Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love, love, love...

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite [non-holiday] holidays. I have always enjoyed celebrating love and all that it brings into my life. I remember fondly the days in grade school getting my box of Valentine cards to pass out to my class at the Valentine's Day party. I remember reading each one to make sure my exact sentiments for the day were given to each classmate. I remember day dreaming of  bouquets of beautiful long stemmed red roses and big red heart-shaped boxes full of my favorite chocolates during my times of romance in high school. I recall a special Valentine's Day celebration with my sister Joelle. The rare occasion occurred the neither of us had a love interest-- if you can believe that and I was honored to share Valentine's Day with her. We had a great time laughing over our cheesebugers and fries at McDonald's on that Valentine's Day. What a wonderful celebration loving my sister. I was so excited to have my wedding on Valentine's Day. Roy and I are blessed to celebrate our love each Valentine's Day in such a special way every year.

This year I have decided that I am going to celebrate Valentine's Day with a new twist. Instead of celebrating love and all that it can bring into our lives on the 14th of February, I am going to spend the entire month of February celebrating love. I have officially  proclaimed February as the month of love in the Narunsky house. We are going to spend the entire month learning about love and all the ways we can show it to one another and those around us. We are going to practice showing love in all that we do and say. I hope to set a positive example for my children by demonstrating love in everything from the moment I wake up each morning until I drift off to sleep each night. I hope they are able to see all of the positive outcomes that can result when we give our love away. I have been commissioned to love and I am not going to deny my calling or shy away from my responsibility to love anymore. I hope to post each day during this month of love one thought about love and what it means in my life.

My inspiration this 1st day of February, the month of love is this: Father of love, you can have me. My heart's desire is that you use my life to show your love.


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