Monday, February 14, 2011

Be warned: Post contains a lot of gooey bits with some mushiness mixed in.

One of my most favored holidays is Valentine's Day! Today, I celebrate my loves-- my Roy, my Josiah, my Kallista, and my Jenna. Truly, I have so many loves that it would be difficult to list them all here so I decided to list the top four. I would also like to say Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband, Roy-- a truly amazing man. I have debated for awhile now how I was going to write today's blog. I have decided that for the next 14 days, the rest of February, I will be listing the top14 things I love about a love of my life: a someone or something in it. Today, I have chosen to honor my husband, my love, my valentine, Roy.


14. I love that Roy likes to try new things. His willingness to attempt a new experience or try a new food keeps my sense of adventure intact.

13. I love that Roy works so hard with me to keep our house clean. He always helps with household chores and helps willingly. Roy will do anything from laundry to dishes. There is no division of duties in our house and I love that.

12. I love that Roy will cook meals. He works so hard on the days that I work to make sure everyone gets what they need for meals.

11. I love that Roy does so much of the kid-runs. If the kids need to get somewhere he is always happy drive them where they need to go.

10. I love that Roy will just simply be with me, whether it is sitting and talking to me while I am doing something or cooking with me in the kitchen-- I love that he loves to be with me.

9. I love the freedom that Roy allows me. He is not a needy husband who feels I have to stay home all the time. If I need a night out, all I have to do is say so.

8. I love that Roy not only loves spending time with me but that he loves spending time with me and our children. I love that even though we don't have the chance to have a lot of family time due to our work schedules-- Roy is totally into spending time with us as a family.

7. I love Roy for his willingness to forgive. More than that, I love Roy for his willingness not only to forgive, but to take it one step further and to forget. I have never seen Roy hold a grudge against me or for that matter, against anyone.

6. I love Roy for his passion. If Roy feels strongly about something, he goes for it whole-heartedly, there is no half-way for this man.

5. I love Roy's sense of commitment. I witness routinely how he makes a commitment to something and follows through completely without faltering, without hesitation.

4. I love Roy's strong sense of compassion. If Roy sees a need, he works out a way to fulfill it.

3. I love Roy's sense of humor (most of the time). Roy can usually crack me up no matter what is going on. If he cannot make me laugh, it is certainly entertaining if not ourtright funny to watch him try.

2. I love Roy's new found love for our God. I love our commitments and our dedication to what we believe.

1. I just plain love that Roy married me. I am a lucky girl who does not always realize how good she has it.

So, lots of mush and goo wrapped up in this blog post, I hope you handled it okay. If nothing else, I want it known that I love the man I married more today than I did the day we got married. Our life has not always been peaches and cream, we have had our rotten fruit and sour milk moments but I am truly grateful that we have spent every moment of it together. I love you Roy. Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Anniversary!!


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