Saturday, February 5, 2011

Small update and finding time to squeeze in love thoughts today...

We had another visit from our social worker, Amy, as we continue working to complete our home study. It was a fun time of interviews watching the kids go through their part of the process and seeing the adoption through their eyes. Roy and I also participated in today's visit completing another one of our interviews. I had a "moment" when we were told that from Dossier submission it will be a minimum of 5 months with a true projection of 5-9 months before we would receive our first referral. This is definitely not the first time I have heard or read these projections, not new information- but each time I hear it or read it it hits me the same way. It was a devastating moment. I quickly regained my composure as I reminded myself [again] that this process is not in my control and this process is not happening according to my timing. It is going to be unique to any other process. It is our adoption from Ethiopia. I remind myself of this over and over. This is a new process for us and although there is resource to draw on-- each adoption experience is unique to itself.

After Amy left we had time to just be. Roy did not have to rush off to work and neither did I. We spent time as a family. Spent time lazing around, resting and relaxing before we did actually have to leave for work.

My thoughts of love today involve meeting my new babes. I find myself letting my imagination go wild with what it is going to be like having two more faces to kiss, two more bodies to hug and squeeze, four more ears to hear how much I love them, four more hands to hold, and two more bellies to tickle. This is going to be so great. I just cannot wait to love on my new babes!  I wholeheartedly agree with my superstar babysitter Melissa-- "Why can't they just let you have your babies and you can finish the paperwork later?" Oh, if only... I would LOVE that!!


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