Thursday, February 17, 2011

14 things about my love-- my Jenna

14. I love Jenna for her strong will. For a long time, I thought this was a will that needed to be broken-- then a different perspective was posed to me. Why break the strong will of a child that can be used in so many different positive ways? Channel the will rather than break it. Thanks Cheryl.

13. I love Jenna for being my helper. She works side by side with me cleaning, cooking, or whatever it may be that I need to do.

12. I love Jenna for her acts of tenderness. I tear each time she swipes a few strands of my hair and tucks them behind my ear.

11. I love Jenna for her need to be snuggled.

10. I love Jenna for her strong desire to learn. She wants to read so badly right now. She will sit with a book and tell me that she is going to read it all by herself. I sit next to her and she tells me to tell her what it says so she can read it. :)

9. I love Jenna for how she advocates for others. She makes sure that those that are least in any way get the recognition and the help they need.

8. I love Jenna for her honesty. It can be brutal at times but I love that she tells the truth NO MATTER WHAT.

7. I love Jenna for her willingness to explore different foods. She has the broadest tastes of all my children and believe me that is a blessing when you consider all the turned up noses I get when I present a meal. Am I right Moms?

6. I love Jenna for her nurturing personality. She bestows love as a mother.

5. I love Jenna for her excitement for our adoption. I am going to need her help and she is certainly qualified. (Refer to 6, 9, 12, 13)

4. I love Jenna for sharing even when I can see she really doesn't want to-- there are no words uttered, just a momentary look and then she shares without any further hesitation.

3. I love Jenna for wanting to pray for everyone and everything.

2. I love Jenna for recognizing that God is in everything. EVERYTHING! And, she points it out routinely to all of us.

1. I love Jenna for being my second daughter. Thank you Jenna for all that you have enriched my life with. XOXOX


At February 17, 2011 at 12:01 PM , Blogger Tiffany said...

These were all so, so sweet! I loved reading them! Great posts, Jill.


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