Wednesday, February 16, 2011

14 things about my love, Kallista

14. I love Kallista for her positive outlook. I remember so many times being woken up with the greeting, "Good Morning, Mommy, I am up before the sun."
13. I love Kallista for her commitment to her friends. She is always arranging play dates and social events.

12. I love Kallista for her hunger to learn. She is always looking for something to learn and works very hard in school. She will search for answers to her burning questions until she find them. She amazes me with an appetite to know that cannot be satisfied.

11. I love Kallista for her giving spirit. She loves to share- most of the time. :)

10. I love Kallista for thinking she is more grown up than she is. She interrupts often and then when she is ready for me to speak again she says, "Mom, as you were saying..."

9. I love Kallista for singing her heart out. She gives it her all every time. It is of no consequence that she cannot carry a tune-- for her, it is all about the moment and her enjoyment of the song! I love that she is not inhibited.

8. I love Kallista for teaching me so much about love. She is hugs, kisses, and loves without any hesitation. 

7. I love Kallista for her uncanny ability to presence with people. This child amazes me in the way that she can pick one person out of a crowd to show love to and it just happens to be the person who was needing it the most.

6. I love Kallista for aiming to please. She wants those around her to be happy and she works hard to make sure that if it is in her control, they are.

5. I love Kallista for working so hard to do the right thing. Her conscious is so soft to right and wrong. 

4. I love Kallista for remembering every one's name. She is my brain sometimes when it comes to greeting people. She runs to them and says hello and addresses them by name before I even have the chance to panic that I have forgotten a name. 

3. I love that Kallista is so outgoing. She has made me a few wonderful friends. 

2. I love Kallista for her dedication to God and our church. 

1. I love Kallista for being my daughter. She has taught me so much in so little time. I love you, Kallista. Thanks for being my girlie.


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