Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another school year has started. I was fortunate enough to see my youngest babe off to her first day of Kindergarten and had such a meltdown! I thought for sure I would have no issue-- she had been to preschool the year before-- had my emotions in check. I got this, definitely have it covered. After dropping her off to the library with the rest of her class to wait for her teacher, I crumbled as the thoughts ran through my mind:  My youngest, dropped off to Kindergarten. This is it for the Narunsky Kindergarten drop-offs. What am I going to do? They are all growing up so quickly!! Where is my time going? I have no more babies. They are so big. 

I have been thinking a lot about my biggest boy. I wasn't able to get his new-school-year-sneaks for him. I wasn't able to smother him with major-Momma-is-going-to-miss-you-first-day-of-school-smoochies. Josiah got his even though he is home-schooled. I love how he pretends to hate it. I cannot wait for another son to pretend he does not want my hugs and kisses while smiling the entire time he gets them. I am waiting rather impatiently for our monthly update. I have a week to go but I am ready for it right now!! I am dying for answers to my 5 questions--- a little sneak peek into our newest son's personality-- his likes, his dislikes. I cannot wait for new pictures. So thankful that all of our final modifications to our paperwork are completed and hoping against all odds that we are issued a court date during this time of court closures for soon after courts re-open. I cannot wait to meet my son and have my first conversation with him. I cannot wait to hug him for the first time and tell him I love him...

Monday, August 15, 2011

T-shirt fundraiser II

I created a New Chip-in Widget for this, as the previous one expired.                                          I am re-posting this fundraiser as we have updated somewhat since my original post. T-shirts are now available in Purple, Black and White. Print color is the same on all. If you want to take the chance I can order different colors as well.

Sizes are Youth XS, S, M, L and Adults S, M, L, XL and 2XL.

Click on the Chip-In link on the right of this blog, or send an email or Facebook message to make alternate arrangements. Please remember to include contact information and sizes/colors when ordering.