Sunday, July 31, 2011

Honest or harsh? Decide for yourself.

At the risk of sounding too honest or downright harsh, I just wanted to state that there are some questions that are asked of me that are totally inappropriate. If a question is being asked that you would not answer about your own child-- don't ask. Stop and think for a minute-- I have not even met my son. I am tired of trying to be honest in my answers yet attempting to protect the privacy of my child. I can understand that people are well intentioned at times when they ask questions but I would like to say that while I try not to be offended by the questions-- sometimes it seems there are just those folks that are downright nosy and that is the only reason for the question. They just want information for the sake of saying they know or to appease their appetite or craving for information that is undeniably NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. I am putting up my guard-- I am done answering the questions: Why was the child put up for adoption? How could a mother do that? Why would you choose an older child? There are many more but, these will be the main three that get me every time. I am shocked that anyone with a heartbeat can be this ignorant. At the same time, I should not be surprised at all. When will I ever learn that people are people? I am just as guilty of letting thoughtless words fall out of my mouth.
I am brought to tears at the mear mention of my son and our adoption process. I mentally prepare myself each and every day for questions that I may encounter. I know I am not the only person to have gone through this process or this kind of questioning. I have no doubt others have had these same feelings and have never said a word at the risk of offending someone. There are defintely some strong people out there-- I am admitting my weakness and saying: ENOUGH.


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