Sunday, July 17, 2011

Where are we now??

We are right here... in our house... in Florida... with three of our four children. We play together, eat together, have fun together-- but, there is someone missing and I know it. The pain of his absence stings, tears burn my cheeks, my heart aches with desperation. I cannot wait to have our boy home. This is truly one of the hardest parts of the process. I know the hardest part is still to come-- once our son is legally ours-- it is going to be the longest wait ever until we get him home. I know whether it is one day, one week, one month, or even longer... it is going to feel like forever. This Momma already has separation anxiety.

A couple from our adoption agency went to meet their son. They are delivering Joel his care package-- I would imagine he will receive it tomorrow. I want details so badly-- how does he feel? What does he think? Is he excited? Is he nervous? Did he smile when he got the package? Did he like the "treats" we thought were fun? I cannot wait to see the beautiful face of my oldest son-- please, please, please a picture or even two!

So, we wait. We are hoping, we are praying: Bring our son to us quickly. 13 days left in July and courts are predicted to close August 8th-- that leaves us 21 days... we are ready to go on a moment's notice...


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