Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Fun

I have chosen a way to raise some funds for our adoption. Fifth Avenue Collection sells  stunning jewelry. There is a beautiful neck piece called Christmas Fun. It has a pair of gorgeous earrings to match and all money raised from any purchase made through our direct site will fund our adoption. I am very excited about this fund raising opportunity! It is a win-win. You will have a new necklace to wear and be complimented on it all throughout the holiday season all the while knowing that your purchase is helping us bring our baby/babies home. You can shop through and please mention our names at any comment line given to be sure that your purchase is linked to us. 
I do plan to select one item a month but feel free to shop around--- there is definitely something for every taste and Christmas is right around the corner! When shopping through our direct link all proceeds will be dedicated to our adoption.


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